CL Dante Ceiling Speaker


The CL4.0AN and CL6.5AN added a Dante network audio input interface and POE-powereddual-channel Class D 2 x 45W amplifiers to them. They both can be controlled by Xilica Designer software, and paired with Neutrino,UNO, CM, MC series with Dante network audio media matrix. One CL6.5AN (or CL4.0AN)can drive the other three CL6.5 (or CL4.0) ceiling. Dante network can receive 2 channels ofaudio signal input, which can be used for left and right channel stereo mode. Anetwork cable completes the control/audio/power part, providing audiointegrators with cost-effective and simple solutions while also providing thesound quality that is not available in general background music speakers.
The design of the ceiling cabinet is convenient for concealed installation. The bottommetal structure box enhances the low frequency performance of the loudspeaker.It extends the lower limit of the low frequency to 60Hz. The CL4.0 and CL6.5 can select 100V/700V or 8Ω low resistance input through the switch. Light spray paint, with magnetic iron cover, easy todisassemble.


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Designed and Engineered in Germany