ACX CSBA 8″ Active Sub-woofer
In response to the need for full-length frequency performance, ACX also developed subwoofers to pair up with the column speakers getting the most out of audio performance in any way possible.
Optional Class D amplifier, the built in satellite channel power output can drive multiple full frequency columns. this design not only able to simplify the setup, it reduces the cost and help provides better solutions.
ACX CSBA 8″ subwoofer with built in integrated Class H amplifier able to punch your heart out; flat frequency response of 38Hz – 120Hz including two satellite channels of power output with each up to 160W @ 4Ω of energy.


Components 1x8" bass
Freq.Resp 120Hz-20KHz
Max SPL 115dB
Power Amp 200W
Sat.Freq. Resp. 110Hz-20KHz
Sat. Power 2 x 160W @ 4Ω
Power 115V / 230V AC
Input Euro Block x 2 / RJ 45 x 1
Ouput Euro Block x 2
Color Black
Accessories Classis stand
W x D x H(mm) 250 x 718 x 419
Net Weight 27kg